Researching Fairy Dust SGV graphics

Two guys peering through foliage at something intriguing on Uki Uki Island

To get a game running on SuperSakura, I need to understand and convert an original game's resources into a modern format. This can range from trivially easy to distressingly difficult, depending on how clever the original programmers were.


SuperSakura: The Blog

SuperSakura front end with some games ready to play

My little engine's turning 15 this year. It's actually one of the older Western non-commercial still active VN engines, although you might not know it, but that's because I suck at marketing. (SuperSakura isn't geared toward new original works in any case, so Ren'Py deservedly holds the top position.) Still, with 11 completable games, another 12 at least playable, and a further 201 with some level of conversion support, I'm a little bit proud of how far SuperSakura has doggedly dragged itself. A perfect time to build a blog, therefore, before the dangerous school girls and tentacle monsters take on an AI-powered life and reach out through the monitor!


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